Lets all remember

Tony was from a simple village, his dream to one day walk the hallowed turf of shoreditch and hoxton and mix with the fashionistas. Tony had always yearned for a place where he would be accepted and could say the word “vintage” without being slapped by his stereotypically angry and misunderstood father, mother (and passing strangers).

man with bags and shoes

"So I said to him plaid? That's sooooo last week..."

Days rolled into weeks and weeks rolled into years until on his 18th birthday Tony announced that he was moving to persue his dream of being a brand awareness product strategist and the future of the family tie folding business be damned!

The next few days passed by in a haze of anticipation for Tony and at last when the joyous day arrived he climbed into the taxi to drive him to the airport and more symbolically, to freedom.

Unfortunately for Tony the taxi was crushed by a wayward boeing tyre that had fallen from a plane coming into land, killing him and his dreams instantly. So instead of Tony here’s a picture of a random dude with 2 bags.

We’re back (from outer space) with a kilt adorned fashionoid

Hi there,

Yes yes we’ve been gone a goodly while. I would like to able to say I was abducted by some fashion hating aliens and forced to write mildly amusing crits on alien hipsters all this time, but mainly it’s due to me being super busy and the abandonment of my lfv photo gathering cohorts. But after more than 2 years I have more recruits and a brand new design! (ooo everyone).

man kilt socks shoes

The dog walker across the road is clearly impressed


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Short suits and hats rock my world

First up – sorry for shortage of new fashion victims. The fashion victims of Shoreditch are still there but our fuzzy photography specialist ‘admin’ is in quarantine cos he’s on a swine flu ‘chain’. Yep, dead straight – its a big skive.

Release the victims

I spotted these two guys on the way to work this morning & am just loving their quirky retro power-dress combo.

If I’d spotted them anywhere else I’d assume its fancy dress, but this is a cold Tuesday morning in Shoreditch. They’re probably on the way to meet the bank manager to seek funding to open up yet another vintage shop, cos we really need one of those. Continue reading

Hobo Fashion

Of course the true pinnacle of vintage fashion is to look like you’re an armenian refugee. Hat’s off to this guy for living the dream. Outstanding contribution by his ‘woman’ too numberswiki.com

- the deliberate laddering of the tights adding that touch of authenticity that only the truly scraggy East London fashionistas can achieve. Continue reading

Lessons to be learned #1 Don’t let a colour blind woman do your clothes shopping

Apologies for the fuzziness of this one. Had to revert to the mobile camera which was caked with pocket fluff.

It was too good to miss the colour combination that beggars belief, notice that the rest of the insane combo makes the terry towelling hoody look positively sane. The socks (if more info

thats what they are) alone would be deserving of a place in the London Fashion Victim hall of fame though.

Every time I look at this picture trying to come up with witty, insightful (*cough* juvenile *cough*) comments it strikes me dumb with its very wrongness. Unequivocal proof that ‘you can’t go wrong with vintage clothes’ is bullcrap. Viv la vintage!